Olympic Games Participation Medals : Olympic Games Participation Medals donated by Gordy Crawford.
Athens 2004
Olympic Games Athens 2004 Participation Medal

Front: Athens Olympic emblem above Olympic rings between Greek letters and Aegean Sea waves.

Back: Greek letters above Legend: "Games of the XXVIII Olympiad 13-29 August 2004" with Aegean Sea waves below.
Medals presented in large cardboard folder with diploma.

Designer: Unknown
Mint: Efsimon Collections, Athens, Greece
Fun fact(s):
The Athens Olympic emblem on the front of the medal consists of an olive tree branch wreath or kotinos. The kotinos was the official award of Olympic champions in Ancient Greece and the olive was the sacred tree of Athens.
More Info:
Participation medals were made from bronze and given to athletes and officials.
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Front of Athens 2004 participation medalFront of Athens 2004 participation medal
Back of Athens 2004 participation medalBack of Athens 2004 participation medal