Olympic Games Participation Medals : Olympic Games Participation Medals donated by Gordy Crawford.
St. Louis 1904
Olympic Games St. Louis 1904 Participation Medal

Front: Nude athlete striding with laurel branch in hand and sun rising over eight-segment trellis with legend: "Olympic Games, Saint Louis, U.S. A., 1904."

Back: Legend: "1803 Universal Exposition Commemorating the Olympic Games 1904 Physical Culture Department Frederick J.V Skiff Director of Exhibits." The shields of St. Louis, Missouri; France and the United States are present amongst the background of ivy leaves.
Medals presented in paper box.

Designer: Dieges & Clust
Mint: Dieges & Clust, NY
Fun fact(s):
1803 at top of the back of the medal commemorates the year of the Louisiana Purchase.

As in Paris 1900, the 1904 Games were held in conjunction with the 1904 World's Fair/Exposition in St Louis.

More Info:
Participation medals were made from copper and given to athletes. Medals that look the same but have a loop at the top with a ribbon attached were officials' badges for the Games.
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Front of St. Louis 1904 participation medalFront of St. Louis 1904 participation medal
Back of St. Louis 1904 participation medalBack of St. Louis 1904 participation medal