Olympic Games Participation Medals : Olympic Games Participation Medals donated by Gordy Crawford.
Antwerp 1920
Olympic Games Antwerp 1920 Participation Medal

Front: Flying Victory crowning a charioteer with horses.

Back: Nike standing before trio of victorious athletes with wreath crown in her hands and tripod with burning censer at her back. View of Antwerp in background with legend: "VII me. Olympiade - Anvers MCMXX."

Designer: Pierre Theunis
Mint: Coussemans, Brussels, Belgium
Fun fact(s):
The 1916 Olympic Games were scheduled to be held in Berlin but were cancelled due to World War I. The 1920 Games were awarded to Antwerp to honor the suffering that had been inflicted on the Belgian people during the war.
More Info:
Participation medals were made from bronze and given to both athletes and officials.
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Front of Antwerp 1920 participation medalFront of Antwerp 1920 participation medal
Back of Antwerp 1920 participation medalBack of Antwerp 1920 participation medal