Olympic Games Participation Medals : Olympic Games Participation Medals donated by Gordy Crawford.
Lake Placid 1980
Olympic Winter Games Lake Placid 1980 Participation Medal

Front: Stylized depictions of 9 winter sports - luge, ice hockey, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, figure skating, long track speedskating, biathlon, bobsled and ski jumping.

Back: Lake Placid Olympic emblem surrounded by the Olympic oath in four concentric circles.
Medals presented in blue hinged box.

Front Designer: Marcel Jovine
Back Designer: Neil Kennedy
Mint: Medallic Art Company, Danbury, CT
Fun fact(s):
Similar to the 1932 Lake Placid participation medal, the 1980 medal depicted each sport on the schedule for the Winter Games. The 1980 medal is also the first medal to feature the Olympic oath.
More Info:
Participation medals were made from nickel-silver alloy and given to athletes, officials and volunteers.
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Front of Lake Placid 1980 participation medalFront of Lake Placid 1980 participation medal
Back of Lake Placid 1980 participation medalBack of Lake Placid 1980 participation medal