Olympic Games Participation Medals : Olympic Games Participation Medals donated by Gordy Crawford.
Montreal 1976
Olympic Games Montreal 1976 Participation Medal

Front: Montreal Olympic emblem, a stylized "M" above the Olympic rings.

Back: Montreal Olympic Stadium above French legend: "XXle Olympiade, Montreal 1976."
Medals presented in paper box.

Designer: Georges Huel / Pierre-Yves Pelletier
Mint: Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa, Canada
Fun fact(s):
Georges Huel created the emblem for the Montreal Games in which the "M" represents Montreal as well as the podium the athletes stand upon. The stadium track is also in the center of the logo, linking the middle curve of the M with an Olympic ring.
More Info:
Participation medals were made from copper and given to athletes and officials.
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Front of Montreal 1976 participation medalFront of Montreal 1976 participation medal
Back of Montreal 1976 participation medalBack of Montreal 1976 participation medal