Olympic Games Participation Medals : Olympic Games Participation Medals donated by Gordy Crawford.
London 2012
Olympic Games London 2012 Participation Medal

Front: Abstract design of intersecting lines with London Olympic emblem in center.

Back: Olympic rings in center with legend: "The Games of the XXX Olympiad London 2012" above.
Medals presented in cardboard holder.

Designer: Nikesh Patel
Mint: Royal Mint, United Kingdom
Fun fact(s):
The abstract design featured on the front of the medal is a metaphor for the modern city. The design includes a ribbon representing London's Thames river. The interlocking grid pattern radiating from the center represents outreach and the achievements and efforts of Olympic athletes.
More Info:
Participation medals made from cupronickel and given to athletes and officials.
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Front of London 2012 participation medalFront of London 2012 participation medal
Back of London 2012 participation medalBack of London 2012 participation medal