Olympic Games Participation Medals : Olympic Games Participation Medals donated by Gordy Crawford.
Stockholm 1956
Olympic Equestrian Games Stockholm 1956 Participation Medal

Front: Ancient Greek horseman over platform and Olympic rings within Legend: "XVI Olympiadens Ryttartavlingar Stockholm 1956."

Back: Blank
Medals presented in paper box.

Designer: John Sjosvard
Mint: Lagerstroms Fabriks AB, Mjolby, Sweden.
Fun fact(s):
The ancient horse and rider on the front of the medal was the official emblem of the Stockholm Equestrian Games, inspired by a sculpture in the Parthenon.
More Info:
Some medals were engraved on back "6/1956" and awarded to the torch bearers who carried the torch on horseback at the Opening Ceremony.
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Front of Stockholm 1956 participation medalFront of Stockholm 1956 participation medal
Back of Stockholm 1956 participation medalBack of Stockholm 1956 participation medal