Olympic Prize Medals : A selection of Olympic prize medals collected and donated by Gordy and Dona Crawford
Vancouver 2010
Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010 Prize Medals

Vancouver Prize Medals not in Crawford Collection.

Front: Undulating round medal with Olympic rings in relief with Aboriginal designs of an orca whale by Corinne Hunt created by laser.

Back: Official emblem and name of the Games in English and French as well as sport and event.

Ribbon: Blue ribbion with "Vancouver" and emblem of the Games
Medal presented in fabric case

Designer: Omer Arbel and Corinne Hunt
Mint: Royal Canadian Mint

Fun fact(s):
The United States-1 four-man bobsled team piloted by Steve Holcomb with Steve Mesler, Curt Tomasevicz and Justin Olsen won gold in the distinctive, jet-black sled known as the Night Train. Their victory was the first for a male American crew since 1948.
More Info:
The distinctive look of the Vancouver prize medals requires the medal to be struck nine times as part of the 30-step fabrication process. The inspiration for these medals came from a large artwork by Corrine Hunt, a Vancouver-based artist of Komoyue and Tlingit heritage. Each of the medals has a hand-cropped section of the artwork, thus making each medal one of a kind.
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Front: Vancouver gold medalFront: Vancouver gold medal
Front: Vancouver silver medalFront: Vancouver silver medal
Front: Vancouver bronze medalFront: Vancouver bronze medal
Back: Vancouver bronze medalBack: Vancouver bronze medal