Olympic Prize Medals : A selection of Olympic prize medals collected and donated by Gordy and Dona Crawford
Sochi 2014
Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014 Prize Medals

Sochi 2014 Prize Medals not in Crawford Collection

Front: Olympic Rings
Back: Official emblem of the Games and event in English
Medal is created from metal and glass-polycarbonate in a engraved patchwork quilt designed to represent Russian Federation ethnicities and cultures.
The Games name in Russian, English and French engraved on medal edge.

Ribbon: blue ribbon with multi-colored motif and "Sochi 2014" in white.
Medal presented in white wood case

Designer: Leo Burnett Advertising Agency
Mint: Adamas
Fun fact(s):
Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Jr. won gold in the mixed ice dancing competition skating to the music of Scheherazade. This was the first time the United States won this event since it was added at the Olympic Winter Games Innsbruck 1976.
More Info:
The glass-polycarbonate part of the Sochi prize medals symbolize the various cultures and ethnicities that make up the Russian Federation. The entire design represents the Sochi landscape with mountaintops reflecting the sun's rays to the beaches of the Black Sea.
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Front: Sochi gold medalFront: Sochi gold medal
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